Election Year

It’s election year, and the Cheriton Town Council has 6 council seats and the Mayor position opening up. If you are interested in running for the Cheriton Town Council please fill out the attached documents and return them to the General Registrar no Later than June 9th, 2020 at 7 pm to be included on the ballot for the November elections!

2020-11-03_Gen_Bulletin_Local_Offices (2)

Candidate Qualification (1)

Declaration_of_Candidacy (1)

ANPD-C and VDEQ Program


The ANPD-C has partnered with VDEQ to help residents get septic assistance in certain parts of Northampton County please find the attached file for more information. Not everyone in the county qualifies but many Cheriton residents do! The deadline to apply is November 8th. All residence qualify for at least 50% assistance with pump out, septic repair, and whole system replacement. Depending on income levels you may qualify for up to 100% assistance. Blank applications will be available at the town office for pickup. Applications must be submitted directly to ANPD-C we can not accept your application at our office to be submitted.

Summer Reminder

Just a Reminder that when mowing your lawns please do not deposit grass clippings in the roadways, this causes the drains to become stopped up and does not allow adequate draining in town. Grass clippings also pose a safety hazard to citizens who ride motorcycles, bicycles and mopeds or scooters, loose grass greatly effects the traction for these types of motor vehicles. 

Also with mosquito season here please be mindful of standing water on or around your property, standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitos. Remember to dump buckets, tires, pots etc. to help keep the mosquito population down.


Cheriton, Virginia

Cheriton, Virginia is a small town located in Northampton County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Cheriton is the third largest of Northampton County’s five incorporated towns, Cheriton is located approximately 12 miles North of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and is situated midway between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.