Are you interested in serving your town?

On June 21, 2021, the Town of Cheriton was notified that Councilman Matthew Yancy resigned as a member of the Cheriton Town Council effective immediately. The town would like to wish him well and thank him for his years of service.

The Town council will begin considering a replacement in the coming weeks and would like to welcome letters of interest from qualified residents who wish to be considered. The qualified candidate will serve until the special election which is scheduled for November.  Anyone interested should submit a letter and qualifications to the Town Manager at by Monday July12th, 2021.

Northampton County Youth Group Tree Planting

The Town of Cheriton would like to express their upmost appreciation to the Northampton Youth Group that helped to beautify our Town Park. We received a call from Dessie White their Youth Group Leader asking if we would mind if they came one afternoon to plant trees and gave us a list of trees that we could choose from. The group of approximately 18 youth and parents met at the park this past Thursday evening along with Cheriton United Methodist Pastor, Virginia Greer and Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District Education Director, Julie Head. The group divided into five groups and planted two Pin Oaks, two Dogwood trees and a Persimmon. Our Town is so blessed to have this group come forward to help us. Thank you again for your hard work and thoughtfulness.
Jackie Davis
Mayor, Town of Cheriton

Notice of Public Hearing

The Cheriton Town Council will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at 7pm. The public hearing will be held in Council Chambers at 21314 South Bayside Road at Town Hall.

Topic of Discussion: Consideration and Adoption of the 2021/2022 Budget.

 Face Mask’s will be required to attend.

 The Budget will be available for inspection at the town hall and on the town website.

 Handicap assistance available.

Budget FY22 (1)

Community Yard Sale


Visit Cheriton Saturday, May 15th for amazing deals and steals on yard sale items.  Local homes will participate by setting up in yards throughout town. Anyone needing space can set up at the town park, first come first serve spacing available a booth will be setup on location to register when you arrive. Must bring own tables to participate none will be available. Start set up at 7:30  at the park. Please wear masks and practice safe social distancing while participating.


COVID-19 Care Packages



Dear Town Residents of Cheriton ,

Please take notice that on January 16, 2021 members of Town Council , Town Manager and volunteers will be distributing COVID 19 Care Packages to all households within the Town limits.  Each individual helping with the delivery process will be wearing mask and wearing gloves to distribute packages.  These packages will be placed outside doors of homes so no personal contact will occur.  Please practice social distancing and stay safe.


Jackie Davis

Town Mayor

Cares Act- Recovery Grant

Northampton County Small Business COVID19 Recovery Grants

Northampton County is conducting a program using CARES Act funds to provide grants for businesses affected by the COVID 19 crisis. Eligible businesses will be able to access up to $10,000.00 for eligible purposes.
Some examples of businesses affected would include restaurants, theaters, hair salons, indoor amusement centers, campgrounds, retail establishments as well as many others. This will also include watermen involved with aquaculture and fishery activities. This program is meant to assist with lost revenues and expenditures related to COVID 19 concerns. Applications will be available online as well as paper forms. Applications will be reviewed by a committee formed by the County Administrator which will include a representative of all participating Towns.

Please call [757 678-0440, x515] or email[] the County Administrator, Charles Kolakowski, with any questions. Applications will be reviewed and awarded within thirty days. This will be done on an ongoing basis and will continue until the available funds are exhausted.
1. Eligible businesses must be active and physically located in Northampton County and have a valid business license.
2. County and local taxes will need to be made current.
3. Only businesses with less than thirty [30] employees are eligible to apply.
4. Businesses need to show they were affected by the COVID 19 crisis.
5. Each business is eligible for only one grant application under this particular program.
6. Grants amounts are up to $5,000 per business for business expenses or loss of revenue and up to an additional $5,000 for improvements done to a business to address COVID 19 concerns.
7. Businesses need to disclose if they received funds from either the Economic Injury Disaster Loan or the Paycheck Protection Program.
8. Businesses located in the unincorporated areas of the County and the Towns of Cheriton, Eastville, Exmore, and Nassawadox are eligible to apply. Businesses located in Cape Charles will be eligible for an independent program being conducted by the Town of Cape Charles.

Submit an online form for the Northampton County Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant. You may also download this form as a PDF.


Federal Flood Insurance now Available in Cheriton!

Date: August 13, 2020

Federal flood insurance now available in Cheriton

RICHMOND — Residents of the town of Cheriton on Virginia’s Eastern Shore are now eligible to purchase flood insurance backed by the federal government.

Cheriton in July became a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP, which provides insurance to help reduce the socioeconomic impact of floods.

Flooding is the most common and costly natural hazard in the United States.

The NFIP is managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and implemented on a local level. Cheriton became an NFIP community after adopting and enforcing a local floodplain management ordinance based on the town’s mapped flood zones.

When a community joins the NFIP, the community must ensure it has adopted a floodplain management ordinance and enforcement procedures that meet NFIP minimums. In return, the federal government makes flood insurance available for residents of that community. Access to certain disaster aid, grants and loans is also made available to NFIP participating communities.

The goals of the program are to save lives, protect property and encourage a comprehensive approach to floodplain management.

Many people don’t realize their homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t cover damage from floods. One inch of water in a home can cost as much as $25,000 in damage, according to FEMA. Flood insurance can provide a quicker recovery from floods while protecting financial livelihood.

Cheriton residents have the ability to purchase coverage as Virginia enters peak hurricane season. Hurricane season in the Mid-Atlantic is June 1 through Nov. 30.

Flood insurance through NFIP is delivered to the public by a network of approximately 60 insurance companies and the NFIP Direct. The coverage is available to homeowners, renters and business owners. For single-family dwellings, the building coverage limit is $250,000 and contents coverage limit is $100,000. Renters can protect their belongings with contents coverage. For commercial properties, the building and contents coverage limits are both $500,000.

Anyone who would like to purchase flood insurance through NFIP should visit or contact an insurance agent. There is a 30-day waiting period before new policies take effect.

Cheriton is one of 291 communities participating in NFIP in Virginia. The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation helps local governments comply with NFIP requirements through its Floodplain Management Program.

DCR can help localities draft and update floodplain ordinances. More information about NFIP and the Virginia Floodplain Management Program is available at



It is very important that we all complete the 2020 U.S. Census Form. Like most of you, I did not receive the Census Form in the mail. It appears that the Census Form is being sent to our 911 address and not to our P. O. Box where most of us get our mail.

Census numbers for an area impacts the amount of money that an area will receive for many important federal and state programs such as: roads, healthcare, and school lunch programs.

SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO COMPLETE THE CENSUS ON YOUR COMPUTER. It’s easy and only takes around 10 minutes to complete. Reminder, non-citizens are to be counted. There is no citizenship question on the census.

Go to:

You will be asked to enter your 12-digit ID. If you don’t have one (which most of us don’t), you can still complete the form. You do NOT need this code to take the census.

When it asks for your address, give your 911 address. It will ask you to check your address and after you check to make sure it’s correct, submit it again and it will accept it. Then you are ready to answer the questions. After completion you will receive a Confirmation Number.

If you have questions about the form you can call (844) 330 2020.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Everyone needs to be counted.