It is very important that we all complete the 2020 U.S. Census Form. Like most of you, I did not receive the Census Form in the mail. It appears that the Census Form is being sent to our 911 address and not to our P. O. Box where most of us get our mail.

Census numbers for an area impacts the amount of money that an area will receive for many important federal and state programs such as: roads, healthcare, and school lunch programs.

SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO COMPLETE THE CENSUS ON YOUR COMPUTER. It’s easy and only takes around 10 minutes to complete. Reminder, non-citizens are to be counted. There is no citizenship question on the census.

Go to:

You will be asked to enter your 12-digit ID. If you don’t have one (which most of us don’t), you can still complete the form. You do NOT need this code to take the census.

When it asks for your address, give your 911 address. It will ask you to check your address and after you check to make sure it’s correct, submit it again and it will accept it. Then you are ready to answer the questions. After completion you will receive a Confirmation Number.

If you have questions about the form you can call (844) 330 2020.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Everyone needs to be counted.